Extraordinary Opportunity for Ordinary People
The DiULUS INSTITUTE School of Entrepreneurship was the first online entrepreneurs'  training school and was introduced to the public in 2002 by education pioneer Dr. Fred DiUlus. The WAY OF THE ENTREPRENEUR Series that now includes the GRASS ROOTS ground zero: Extraordinary Opportunity for Ordinary People is one of the key guides for adopting the persona of an entrepreneur with ease.The intensive training is a 40 hour total immersion journey conducted and led by the creator and author, Dr. Fred DiUlus.
 Dr. DiUlus is a veteran of over 50 years of entrepreneurial development and the exclusive trainer of the program. He is the founder and CEO of the GLOBAL ACADEMY, a 16 year veteran online and blended university builder that has created and developed courses, curriculum and band new licensed, approved and accredited universities around the world. He is also an advocate for Aging Veterans and Chair of the Aging Veterans Care Relief Fund, a veterans financial assistance outreach and 'helping hand', created in 2006 as a Charitable Education 501c3 tax exempt organization to aid Aging Veterans, age 65 and older claim their benefits and be recognized for their service while providing across the board assitance from education to legal services. He has also served since 1996 as the Senior Fellow for the Center for Entrepreneurship, Freedom and Ethics,the nations reigning oldest online cyber-based education and training developer designed to expunge ignorance and poverty worldwide through its online education protocols and training offered by volunteer CEFE Felows who carry out its mission. That mission is personified by its sponsoring  organization and known as the Billion Dollar Project.
 The DiULUS INSTITUTE School of Entrepreneurship is a precedent setting trainer in the study of entrepreneur based methodology and of the 20th and 21st century innovations rooted in three generations of individual entrepreneurial development over the last half century. The School is the very first complete online program exclusively for those desiring to become entrepreneurs and succeed in an exploding age of technology. 
The DiULUS INSTITUTE School of Entrepreneurship training employs state of the art real-world methodology brought to perfection for THOSE desiring to be entrepreneurial or improve as ENTREPRENEURS. Training is comprehensive and thorough. It guides participants in how to adapt to the ever evolving environment, and improvise themselves, their families, their  employees, and  organizations they are involved as a volunteer or worker to overcome entrepreneurial obstacles regardless of the source. This dynamic direction exposes new and productive roads to create the enterprise and undertakings that will motivate and help drive participants to their path to undertake and to drive confidently to achieve their ultimate entrepreneurial success. 
A Certificate in Entrepreneurship Studies is awarded successful graduates. Graduates may also be awarded, on application, an Entrepreneur Fellowship from the Center for Entrepreneurship, Freedom, and Ethics (CEFE.org) to teach, train, and mentor others on behalf of the Center. Further, there are several national and international universities that will award a validation certificate upon successful completion and certification from the School of Entrepreneurship should the trainee require further validation for work related enterprise or training purposes.
The Entrepreneur School's training methodology permits individuals undertaking the study to fully realize their entrepreneurial potential including an added ability to also recognize entrepreneurs in their midst and throughout their workplace and organizations that may more fully help develop their own personal entrepreneurial mission.
The DiULUS INSTITUTE School of Entrepreneurship brings into the training global studies and opportunities worldwide. Training crosses academic disciplinary lines as well and reveals fields of study and expertise that can be made available to those that participate in the training. The School's 'American  Methodology is unique in that it is based on two hundred fifty years of innovative American ingenuity and reasoning that compliments professional international entrepreneurship; expertise that comes down to us from America's first great entrepreneurs right on down to today's cutting edge highly innovative technology.
The American entrepreneurial style and practice, regardless of one's field of expertise or chosen profession, is adaptable to everyone and particularly anyone who seeks to train and succeed as an entrepreneur regardless of a nation's economic policy, political persuasion or religious beliefs.



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