Dr. DiULus lecturing Chinese Students
Dr. Fred DiUlus With Students At ZZOE University, ZhengZhou, China

Evolution of theSchool of Entrepreneurship


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 In 1989, while teaching Entrepreneurship at the University of North Florida located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Dr. Fred DiUlus, a life-long entrepreneur and son and grandson of entrepreneurs Fred Edward Diulus Sr. and Alfonso Pasquale Diulus respectively decided to use the practical experiences taught to him by his father and grandfather and incorporate them into a workbook to supplement his class lectures on entrepreneurship. Recognizing that most texts on the subject were not written by what one would consider grass roots entrepreneur authors, Dr. DiUlus chose to take the practical and life-long experiences of his entrepreneur father, grandfather and himself and collate them into a workbook titled Guerilla Entrepreneurship.


The book, an ultimate guide to enlighten students, was published by the University of North Florida Press from 1990 to 1998 and was required reading for his classes in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Small Business, Market Economics and management and leadership. By 2008, the book had become a staple of entrepreneurial minded students in North, Central, and South American universities - A practical guide for students of Entrepreneurship. From 2009 to 2012 The Center for Entrepreneurship, Freedom and Ethics (CEFE.org) published the book. It was also available to the public FREE through an ebook download direct from the CENTER. Over its lifetime the book went through 15 iterations, the distribution of over 10,000 copies and with the 2012 edition became the 15th and last publication of the workbook.  


 Originally established in 2003 as a training module for the Center for Entrepreneurship, Freedom, and Ethics, the school posted its first online classes in 2004 at the Center where the curriculum was shared with other institutions. This sharing formed the Entrepreneurship training base for thousands of would-be and practicing entrepreneurs over the last dozen years and continues to be offered in various forms by several universities in North America and internationally. The program and curriculum has also been expanded to provide those institutions with a bachelors degree program in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and as an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Both programs are now a part of the program curriculum designed and offered to start up and developing schools by the Global Academy 

In March of 2017 the first of the series of Way of the Entrepreneur, a 50 year life odyssey of entrepreneurial experience, insight and wisdom was published in limited edition for review in advance of the public edition release in July 2017. Today the book stands at the heart of the DiULUS INSTITUTE School of Entrepreneurship certification program. Volume I, Extraordinary Opportunity for Ordinary People precedes Volumes 2 and 3 scheduled for publication in the Way of the Entrepreneur Series in 2017 to complete the series AND training research references. The books form the support basis for the Entrepreneur School Training program. More volumes in the series are planned for advanced Entrepreneurship training support and public consumption in 2018.

The Certified Entrepreneur Training offered through the DiULUS INSTITUTE School of Entrepreneurship is a series of 14 training modules  taught and led exclusively by Dr. DiUlus, often described as the quintessential entrepreneur. The program adopts
the total immersion technique to accelerate LEARNING for individuals passionate about becoming self-reliant entrepreneurs. Throughout the COURSE participants are shown how to redevelop their own training and be capable of passing it on to others, either formally through their own training capabilities or through organizations they may currently control or work with, in order to enhance the growth and success of each one.